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Wonder why we don't link here? A lot of items change, and frequently.
By RI managing the files at Brand Center, you'll always be accessing the latest and greatest!

You can also look at the Public Image Section of the District 5810 website for additional resources.

  • Rotary Brand Standards

    Colors, fonts, spacing, tone, voice - everything you need to know (and what you need to tell vendors and printers!)
  • Image and Video Library

    Lots of hi-resolution, good quality images. And no licenses to worry about (wouldn't want to violate the 4-Way test!)
  • People of Action Brand Guidelines

    How to use the POA campaign so, collectively, Rotary, Rotaract and Interact get a unified message out to the world
  • Templates. Templates. More Templates.

    RI has already created so much of what you might need or want! Billbaords? We got that. PSAs? Yup. Business Cards?  Yes.